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mini wisdom

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Funny Youtube video

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I was bored with all of the SEO learning and blog learning so I opened a funny music video site, and wished to find a real you tube funny clips. Talking about video clips, I found out that Cambodia is number one for the most searchers on Google with the terms "funny video", followed by Pakistan, Albania and Bangladesh.(data gathered from 2004 till now). But India is recently number one for the past 7 days, followed by the United States and Canada.
I found this funny cat video and felt like to post on this blog, since I found out that American people are the most searchers on Google with the terms "the cat, cats and the black cat" I hope that this blog would get visitors form the United States. This is one of my experiments, that hopefully works. So the results for putting some keywords like funny youtube video, youtube funny, video clips, funny clips, funny video, the cat, black cats, the black cats, funny cat video, and funny videos on this posting will be such a wonder for me.
Well, this is the funny cat video clips that I found. Enjoy!

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Pertamax too...
commented by Anonymous kombor, 11/19/2008  
How are you? your website is cute
Take a look at that cool emo video clip:
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2/28/2010  

====KoMeNtAr? KliK Di SiNi====

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