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mini wisdom

Health is the most precious of God's gifts ever.

A Poor Little Girl With Her Dream

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poor little girl

I watched a tv program covering about the story of a little girl with her world. I was so touched with that program. It says about the little girl's live which is so hard. Every single day, she 'works' that what she said. Collecting wasted plastic glasses and bottles of mineral water, similar size as a 200 ml water glass,walking as far as 7 kilometres away of home to the city dump, till she feels that she's got enough. It means a big rice bag full of the plastic water glasses.
It's not fair....I had not to work when I was at her age. She is just 7 years old!
I had a nice time when I was kid. I can play with my friends or brothers after school. I could do anything like anybody else's do. But, what really stunned me is that she said," I do this for my mom and dad. I need to do this for them. I can at least give them some money so that our life gets easier, I have two brothers to feed.I wanna be a nurse one day."
I didn't remember the name of that girl. But surely, she opened my eyes. I prayed for her, may God bless her with a bright future and live happily in her big world.

picture source: thewe.cc

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