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mini wisdom

Health is the most precious of God's gifts ever.

Indonesian steak

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I am a seaman, I would say that for myself. the reason is, first, I worked on cruise ship, and I've got 6 years experience. I was a busboy,and for the last 2 years, I worked as room service steward. I like that job, but recently, I found out that it was so hard to leave my wife even for 1 month. The second, is that I think that this life is just like sailing. If you sail, you've got to know your destination, otherwise you'll go nowhere. I believe that so many people looks for their life purposes. Some people does crazy things, eventhough the think they do the right things. I think all of us do that kind of thing, right?
Well, this morning, I was back to work, after 6 days vacation. Not on cruise ship, but in a little restaurant called 'Kedai Steak' in Magelang.Plese stop by if you're around. This little restaurant seems welcome you with the warmth of Indonesian food aroma,with lots of original spices. But please don't even think about the taste of the steak, it is simply Indonesian style.Thats why they called this kind of steak: 'steak kampung' Floured and fried. But you may try.....

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